Movins - (Movement Information System)

Movins is a Highly secured, easy to use and affordable solution, to plan and track the movement of convoys, and/or fleets of vehicles in real-time. Product has been developed on specific requirement and it addresses all the issues. Our product Movins:

  • Operates in Highly secure environment
  • Reliable monitoring even in areas with weak network
  • Scalable to accommodate large number of vehicles
  • Resilient to recover quickly from system outages

System Features

  • Functionality & Flexibility

    A full functional vehicle/convoy movement planning and tracking solution that is configurable for specific requirements even at runtime

  • Scalability

    It can accommodate large number of vehicles and is highly scalable based on Open Source technologies – Low cost and high performance

  • Security

    Highly secured two tiered configurable and randomized encryption

  • Resilience

    Designed to be highly robust and operable in adverse conditions