Big-Omics master image describing tool

Big-Omics is a suite of tools under development by MID for implementing referral and projection algorithm over biological Big data.


Dynamic Programming

The Big-Omics suite will feature dynamic programming based alignments (local and global) performed on query sequence(s) utilizing the Big-data framework (Apache Hadoop) to construct accurate multiple sequence alignments. we are implementing the Big Data framework with DP reduce significant calculative time for optimum alignment. This feature will also be provided as a cloud based server as service.


The suite will also provides a facility tool for metagenome analysis using rRNA sequences like 5s, 16s and 23s for characterization and identification of several microbial species

Genome Projection Tool

Another distinguishing feature of the Big-Omics suite will be the genome projection tool that will be based on the novel projection alignment algorithm.

Phylogenetic Analysis

Phylogenetic Analysis based on novel phylogenetic clustering algorithms will be incorporated into Big-Omics suite.

User Friendly GUI

Big-Omics suite will also be augmented with a user-friendly GUI that will make it very easy to use and substantially reduce the complexity and therefore the learning curve.